We specialize in cleaning in areas without water or with limited well water.We can bring 750 gallon water supply! Read more on our mobile pressure washing information page.


We are Fully Insured and have WCB

We specialize in high and low pressure cleaning systems that work.

Our professional and courteous staff will make your investment look great agian.  we believe in delivering quality and affordability to all our clients!

No job is too small or big, we have been working and completed a huge variety of professional cleaning jobs!

We service the Lower Mainland, Langley, Aldergrove, Surrey, Whiterock, Abbotsford, Chilliwack,Mission, agassiz, and Greater Vancouver Region.


The products we use are bio degradable and enviromentally friendly as we believe in safe every day cleaning products!

commercial vehicle detailingCOMMERCIAL VEHICLE WASHING

We come to you, to make sure your vehicles and equipment are ready for your mechanics and shining also!. We have acess to wet steam for heavy degreasing and warm water for cleaning in the colder seasons.

roof and full house washingROOF & FULL HOUSE WASHING

We use a NO-PRESSURE way to clean roofs for minimum impact. Our staff is fully trained with fall safe equipment, and proper cleaning methods on different styles of roofs.

patio and deck restorationPATIO & DECK RESTORATION

Are you embarrassed by the dirt and moss discolouring and damaging your deck? Let our professional staff take care of that with our power washing service and deck preservation services.

We also provide deck preservation services including: patio and deck staining ,patio and deck painting, and deck sealing

wet steam degreasingWET STEAM DE-GREASING

Degreasing is a necessary for fleet and heavy equipment maintenance, prepping a surface for paint or sealant and there are multiple methods for degreasing. The appropriate method of degreasing is used depending what needs to be cleaned.

  1. Steam Cleaning degreasing- Steam cleaning requires no chemical and can get rid of majority of grease.  Steam cleaning removes grease mechanically , think of this method as hot knife cutting through butter, it is much easier! Steam cleaning also has the benefit of sanitizing the cleaned surface and killing organic matter. The water temperature is typically 200 degree farenheit or hotter.
  2. Chemical degreasing- This  method of degreasing using chemical energy oppose to heat and pressure. This method is used on engines or soot that has been baked onto a surface. There is normally a 15-30 minute dwell time which chemical degreasing   with a simple rinse off.
  3. Hot water and high pressure chemical degreasing- This method uses the pressure washer pump to deliver high pressure chemical  to achieve the best clean. The water temperature  is heated 120-150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Degreasing a backhoe - Why is it neccessary?

Degreasing a backhoe

Why is degreasing necessary?

Degreasing your commercial equipment on a regular basis helps to reduce unnecessary repair costs by preventing problems caused by excessive build up and dirt. Degreasing also allows mechanics to fix the commercial equipment more efficiently as the area is clean and provides a clear view of the work surface.

Degreasing the surface prior to painting is necessary to create a sticky surface for the paint or sealant to adhere more effectively. This process results in an extended longevity and higher quality of the final paint and/or sealant application.

Make the switch and see the difference, let Brookswood Power Washing make your truck and company shine bright!