Roof Cleaning


We use a NO-PRESSURE soft washing system instead of pressure washing to clean your roof! Read more here:Soft washing

Your roof needs to be cleaned and the question is, why should you hire Brookswood Power Washing? The answer - your roof is full of moss and dirt which can leave it  looking weathered from the harsh elements over time.

Did you know? A lot of the times you think you need a new roof it just needs a good cleaning! Plus, when selling your house it is very easy to get more  a lot more money as it gives buyers piece of mind of a new look roof!

  1. WCB and Insured
    We are fully insured with WCB to protect you and our workers from any potential accidents that may happen.
  2. We believe in safety first 
    Our team always uses fall safe gear to ensure a safe working environment when on your roof. When applying cleaning chemicals we wear approved respirators.  All of our ladders have stand offs providing stability and protection from damage to your gutters.
  3. Low pressure cleaning
    When cleaning your roof, we do not use high pressure cleaning methods. We use a revolutionary Soft roof cleaning system that uses a detergent effectively cleans your roof.
  4. Method of cleaning
     Every roof needs a different method to clean it effectively. We use bio-degradable roof detergents and Low pressure cleaning systems as a first option!
  5. The Importance of Cleaning a Roof
    Why is it important to clean your roof? Your roof can develop a build up of algae, moss, and mildew, which can cause your roof to age prematurely. These elements can also cause damage by lifting and damaging shingles. Most roofs can be cleaned, however some roofs are in need of repair. When we assess your roof, we will discuss with you whether cleaning the roof is the best option.
  6. How long do I have to wait to get my roof cleaned again?
    We recommend every 5 years; however, this time can be less depending on how many trees surround your home. During the wet season, we suggest you put laundry detergent on your roof to keep your roof maintained after it has been been cleaned. It is important to note that this should never be done when it is hot out, as the laundry detergent will dry quickly and could stain your roof
  7. I have black stains and algae on my roof? What causes them to keep coming back

    The black “stains” are caused by algae which grow from airborne particles. They are naturally occurring and will not cause damage if they are not left on the roof for 5+ years. If you have moss on your roof, read about removal here: Moss Removal

Cleaning different roof types saftely and properly

How do I clean my metal roof? You don't want to walk on it because it gets very slippery and it can damage it. Read more here

How do I clean my tile roof? Tile roofs can be walked on if you lay special ladders across them or lay down plywood and sheets of wood. It is recommended to use  man lift thuogh because it is the least likely to cause damage. Read more here

How do I clean my asphalt shingle roof? How do I remove the moss? A no pressure or low pressure cleaning system and detergents is the recommended method. It will kill the moss kill the algae. Read more here

Videos of our work

Cleaning a shingle roof                                          Cleaning a metal roof

Shingle roof cleaning_1.JPG Cleaning a metal roof

Photos of our work      

Shingle roof before/after (above)            

Roof clean moss algae before after brookswood powerwashing langley bc.jpeg metal roof_1.jpg           

roof.jpgmetal roof.jpg

Shingle roof (killing the moss)                              Cleaning a metal roof in Surrey


    Tree branch trimming and hedge trimming ** limited service**

     This prevents moss & mildew from growing on your roof