Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment or machinery works extremely hard. Cleaning is required to allow for maintenance and transport. 

Mining Equipment and earth moving equipment

Minining and earth moving equipment crushes, pushes,drills, seperates rock to allow for site clean up and harvesting of natural resources. High heat and high pressure are required to clean these big machines!

Condo and Strata

Condos and stratas are very important as they give many homes to people. But, they need to be maintained  and look well represented!

Graffiti Removal

We love cleaning graffiti, our focus is cleaning hard to reach graffiti areas as we can transport large amounts of water. However, we do clean graffiti off building and other walls.

Gum removal

Yes we do gum removal, using low pressure and high heat steam we safely and effeciently remove it restoring your business and walkways!

Logging equipment

Yes, we do clean logging equipment! These machines and trucks get real dirty but they must get cleaned for maintenance and before they can go on the road.

All Heavy equipment and mining equipment are finished with a two-step to give a nice shiny finish!

We offer mobile commercial, industrial, and heavy equipment pressure washing!


Cat 277B mini excavator before and after_1.jpg