Condo and Strata Cleaning

Having your buildings cleaned and looking great is very important for your potential tenants and saving on repairs in the long term!

We have many years of experience and have completed many succesful cleaning jobs! We understand the concerns that may occur and how to avoid the problems that can arise before the job begins!

Depending on the job an aerial lift may be required for safety and to make the the job more effecient reducing cost.

What we can clean

Roof Depending on the roof we will use a variety of techniques from hand brushing , spraying a cleaning, or by pressure washing. The is no one method that is correct for every roof!

Depending on the siding we will have to use different techniques for the required results ranging from low pressure soft washing to using light pressure  to remove the build up of grime and filth

We use squeegees and a long extendable window washing pole that extends 45 feet to clean windows with great results

Patios and DecksCleaning patios and decks can be tricky but luckily with the right tools and and the know how are very quick and effecient with stunning results!

Gutter Cleaning
We offer inside and outside gutter cleaning. Cleaning the inside gutter is most commonly done using a vacuum to reduce mess and for safety reasons.