Industrial Pressure Washing

The difference between Power washing & Pressure washing is that Power washing uses hot water to help excite the surface to break the bonds of the dirt, grease, mildew, and grease, soot, and other surface contaminants.

  1. Interior/Exterior building cleaning
    Big industrial buildings need cleaning for sanitation reasons, fire damage, flood damage,soot and grease build up, and many other reasons. We are equipped with high high and heat to allow us to clean those heavy build ups of grime to make it look almost like new.
  2. Industrial Roof cleaning
    Roof cleaning removes mildew, organic stains, environmental dirt, and some water stains.  Also these roof can be covered in some grease, soot, and other hard to come off substances. We are fully equipped with the safety gear and proper detergerents to clean them to almost new!
  3. Flat work
    Flat work pressure washing uses a surface cleaner to clean sidewalks, driveways, curbs, decks, patios, underground parkade, garage, shop floor,drive throughs, parking stalls, parking lots, or any other flat surface!
  4. Water recovery & Trash Pumps
    We are fully equipped with water recovery systems and the required equipment to recover water from the work site for a proper and effective cleaning. Working in confined areas often causes large puddling and flooding
  5. Commercial pressure washing
    Most commercial businesses have very large air filter systems, and other pieces of equipment that require cleaning.
  6. Drain CleaningCommercial drains get clogged or become less effective with oils, grease, and many other industrial contaminants that conventional hydro-getting will not get clean.  Using high horsepower hot water machines we are able to tackle many small drain cleaning jobs.
  7. Gum removal -Gum removal from store fronts or your industrial building creates a large impact on how presentable your business looks. We use steam to remove gum safely and effectively restoring the surface!

For more indepth information read our blog article

Need mobile pressure washing? We offer mobile industrial pressure washing!

Videos of our work

        Pressure washing rail road tracks                  Jetting (clearing) a blocked storm drain

Pressure washing rail road tracksJetting (unclogging) a storm drain       

    Pressure washing paving stone walkway (below)       degreasing for paint( below)

    Pressure washing store front paving stone walkwaydegreasing a crane tower section mobile hot water pressure washing and degreasing  

Photos of our work    

          Industrial air filtration system                                 Tower crane section degreasing

Industrial machine degreasing surrey bc (1).jpg

industrial pressurewashing.jpg