Mining & Earth Moving Equipment

Mining & Earth Moving equipment requires high heat and high pressure cleaning systems to effectively clean them quickly and back to near new state. The equipment can be caked on with cement like subtances, grease, and other nasty stains that are hard to come off.  

We offer mobile commerical, industrial, and heavy heavy equipment pressure washing!

Service area is from Langley to Agassiz.

Questions & Answers

Q: Why must you use a harness while working on the equipment?

A: anything above 10 feet off the ground requires a harness to protect against falling

Q: How do you stay safe and visible on a work site?

A: We use fall arrest gear and wear high visibility vests!

Q: Will you travel into remote areas?

A: Yes we will, our trucks are equipped to travel off road!

Water accessiblilty

Water accessibility typically does not exist for large equipment as it is located somewhere in a mine or large rock pit area. The equipment cannot be moved, so we transport large supplies of water in so the equipment does not have to move!


Cleaning mining & Earth moving equipment often requires using a safety harness as the machines are as big as homes. We use all the proper safety gear and safety harness when cleaning your investment.

Videos of our work

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Photos of our work

Logging Equipment in aldergrove,BC

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Logging Truck in Abbotsford,BC

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