We are a leading residential and Industrial Power Washing Service company in the Lower Mainland and the ONLY cleaning solution you will ever need!

We use High and low pressure cleaning systems that work

At Brookswood Powerwashing we believe in educating our clients about our cleaning systems. Why do we believe this? Because they work, and an educated client is equipped to make better decisions regarding what their power washing needs actually are.

We would never misdirect you!

Our speciality is mobile commercial, industrial, and heavy equipment hot water pressure washing.

Meet the Brookswood Powerwashing team!

Business objective
Our business goal is to save homeowners and businesses money by completing the job correctly the first time! Did you know many times trying to do a jobs cheaply can end up costing a lot more because they were not completed correctly the first time?

What was the dirtiest job you have done?
We have done many, but I would have to say the dirtiest project I have had to date was a front end loader. The front end loader was being used by the customer on their farm, so the cleaning job had to be on site with little to no interruption. This particular piece of equipment had moss growing all over it; by the time we were finished with it, the customer was very satisfied and happy with the outcome. The front loader was very clean and the service was extremely professional.

What separates us from the competition?
Our Customer service is top notch. We offer on site cleaning and power washing services, providing convenient and hassle free services to our customers.

We are fully insured including WCB (Worksafe BC) coverage. Safety is a very serious matter at Brookswood Power Washing, so we always come equipped with all the necessary safety gear (including fall safe equipment) as well as the proper gear for handling chemicals. All of our equipment is maintained to the highest standards

We care about your satisfaction and will always give your 100% effort to ensure we meet that satisfaciton.

How did we become established?

We reached out to our Community and surrounding area to determine their needs. It required a lot of door knocking, time on the phone, and networking with local residence and businesses.It was hard and challenging work, but we feel it was well worth it. In return we have been rewarded with very happy, satisfied and repeat customers.

What do you like most about your job?

What do you like most about your job? I get the most satisfaction from seeing happy clients. At Brookswood Power Washing, we believe in providing the highest standard of service possible.

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