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Sealing of surface does not just enrich the look and increase street appeal. It helps protects your driveway and prevents costly repairs. Walk ways and driveways get a lot of wear from cars and foot traffic that quickly deteriorates the surface!

When you seal coat the surface it helps blocks penetrations of dirt and contaminants, and help preserve the surface. This also extends the life of your driveway and store front. Why does this matter? Getting a new driveway repaved or resurfaced is very expensive.

When sealing you can pick from a low to high gloss sealant and even have an anti-slip additive if needed.

When getting your driveway or any other surface sealed, it is important is hire an experienced company as the surface must be cleaned thoroughly and applied with high quality sealant for the best results.

Questions and Answers

Q: Do I have to fill in the cracks and pot holes before sealing my driveway or patio?

A:Yes you do, if you do not fix the cracks or pot holes it will lead to further damage and compromise the sealant or black top!

Q: Can I use home depot grade sealant?

A: You can, however we do not recommend it. Low grade sealant can flash and may set too fast. This will require you strip the sealant and have to reseal. Stripping sealant is extremely costly and a lot of work.

Q: How can I prevent Flashing of sealant?

A: To prevent the flashing seal on a dry day that is cool, so it has time to set into the pores and crevices of the surface.

Benefits of Sealing

· Hardens the cement so it has a wear barrier and prevents cracking

· Concrete sealer slows soil erosion as water sheds off the cement

· It reduces how often it must be cleaned by preventing the growth of algae

· The lack of mildew and algae make it safer to walk on

· It prevents staining from oil and other contaminants as the pores are filled up

Types of Sealer

Polyester- lasts greater than 10 years and hardens surface

Acrylic- lasts 1-2 years but does not harden surface

Silicas- lasts 3-5 years but does not harden surface

What type of sealant should I use?

Polyester based Sealant is recommended if you are going to be living there for a long time as it penetrates the surface many inches for long lasting results. If you plan on selling your house or tearing up the cement acrylic or no sealant is recommended.

Let us help you with this task, so we can save you on costly re-paving.

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