Eavetrough cleaning and gutter maintenance

Eavetrough and gutter maintenance Maintenance of gutters is important. Over time down spouts will come loose, and gutters might become loose because of rotting back boards. Gutters if not cleaned regularly will get black streaking which might never come out resulting in needing new gutters or repainting. To prevent costly repairs and re-painting gutters should …

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Cleaning your house gutters made easy – with tips and advice!

Eave trough & Gutter cleaning Cleaning your gutters is extremely important.  They are designed to catch and hold debris that fall from trees and carried from the wind. Your gutters should be cleaned once a year at minimum, more often if your house is surrounded by trees. Types of Gutters Open gutter- The gutters are completely …

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How to restore wood

How to restore wood Wood restoration is necessary for projects like wooden decks, patios, fences, sheds, roofs and heritage buildings. It is difficult to restore wood and get long lasting results without professional equipment. Methods of wood restoration Cold water pressure washing Pros- Economical for a home owner to do themselves Cons – Spores from …

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