Cleaning Your House Exterior

Cleaning Your House Exterior

Thinking of cleaning the exterior of your house? This article will help know when it is the best time and why! Before you pull out your pressure washer to start cleaning your siding it is important to clean your siding appropriately; high pressure water can take paint off or worse force its way into your house!

When siding is green and possibly covered in moss, oil, grease, spray paint, graffiti, egg or some other unsightly appearance it should be cleaned.

Surfaces such as brick, cement, metal, and aluminum siding can be cleaned year round. Medium to high pressure can be used and there is no risk of water getting into the building.

Vinyl siding, stucco, hardy board, and wood siding should only be cleaned from about march to October because water can get behind  the siding and potentially damage the house from dry rot as it is not warm enough to dry out.

It is important to be aware pressure washing older homes before 1990 that there might not be a vapor barrier, so when applying even light pressure 300 psi could force its way into the house and damage walls and the interior of the house. It is always advised to clean siding with a low pressure soft wash whenever possible.  Newer homes have vapor barrier so this is not a concern.

Whenever cleaning soffits it is advised not to use pressure as it can force water into the attic and get everything wet and potentially cause dry rot.

Whether you pressure clean the siding yourself or hire a pro care must be taken!

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