Cleaning Your House Gutters Made Easy – With Tips And Advice!

Cleaning Your House Gutters Made Easy – With Tips And Advice!

Eave trough & Gutter cleaning

Cleaning your gutters is extremely important.  They are designed to catch and hold debris that fall from trees and carried from the wind. Your gutters should be cleaned once a year at minimum, more often if your house is surrounded by trees.

Types of Gutters

Open gutter- The gutters are completely open and easily scooped by hand

Gutter guards-gutter guards prevent debris from falling into the gutter and are simply cleaned

Rain gutters- They have ribs and do get full of debris. These are the hardest gutters to clean!

What you need to clean eave trough

Ladder– a ladder preferably with a stabilizer to access your gutters

Bucket– a bucket to scoop gutter contents into

Gutter Scoop– scoops gutter debris up

Garden Hose-to rinse your gutters after you scooped them out

Rope and harness– to clean gutters from, faster than moving your ladder

How to clean gutters

Use your ladder to access your gutters and scoop the gutter contents into your bucket.  Hook up to a rope and harness if needed to access your entire roof.

After cleaning your gutters rinse gutters out with a garden hose to flush them out.

Preventing your gutters from clogging up

Install gutter baskets. They prevent your gutters from clogging up and allow water to flow even when full! This also reduces how often you have to clean gutters.

If you need gutter baskets or gutters cleaned, call the Brookswood Powerwashing pros. We will help you out! Find out more on our website.

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If you’re in need of gutter cleaning or professional cleaning in the Greater Vancouver area (Langley, Surrey, White Rock, Aldergrove, Cloverdale, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, Chilliwack,agassiz and Mission), get in touch. We’re here to help you perform at your best.