Why soft washing?

Soft washing is low pressure cleaning which eliminates all mildew, organic stains, and environmental dirt. This method of cleaning repels mildew, and organic stain, preventing them from growing back as quickly. Surfaces such as, vinyl siding, roofs, brick, driveways, sidewalks, and many other surfaces will benefit greatly from low pressure cleaning. When you use high pressure wash methods just on the surface, the mildew and organic matter can stay alive and will continue to grow back right away!

Soft washing allows you to clean large surface areas very quickly which are fragile and can be damaged easily. How does Soft Washing benefit you? This method can reduce cost, increase effectiveness of cleaning, reduce the cleaning frequency requirements, and most importantly produces results driven satisfaction!

How long will it take to clean my home?

Typically an average 4000 square foot home can take less than a day.

What detergents do you use to clean my home?

We use a biodegradable cleaning detergent in our cleaning system mixed with other ingredients and it’s extremely effective at producing great results. Plants and organic matter can potentialy experience damage due the amount of the detergent we sometimes need to use. However, our professionally trained team takes careful precautions to prevent this from happening.

With pre-washing preparations such as pre-wetting the areas surrounding the clean zone, rinsing the area after the power washing is completed, as well as, tarping any sensitive surfaces, like garden beds, before spraying. We strive to ensure no harm will come to your gardens and surrounding vegetation.

Anything I should know before you soft wash my home?

It is highly recommended that you move all your belongings off the patios, porches, doorways and the surrounding cleaning area. Secondly, make sure you close all your windows and put towels underneath doors to prevent any leaks from possible leaky doors and windows. This is striclty a precautionary measure to make sure no water gets inside your home!
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