Concrete And Driveway Sealing Prepartion

Concrete And Driveway Sealing Prepartion

To obtain the best results is it best to never to use any chemical as it can prevent sealant adhesion.

It is best to use a hot water pressure washer with a surface cleaner. The 200 degrees Fahrenheit water heat will kill any organic matter and degrease the surface.

A surface cleaner has rotating pressurized tips to knock dirt and debris free at very fast speeds. Then you follow with high heat rinse with the pressure washer to ensure a clean surface.

If you are sealing paving stones or other interlocking type of bricks, it is highly recommended to put polymeric sand between the cracks to prevent weed growth and fill the gaps in.

Let the surface dry for a day and before sealing the surfacea and use a blower to blow off any loose contaminants.

Voila!  A perfect concrete or driveway sealing preparation.

Driveway sealing should be done during a warm week with two days of warm weather and no rain. If it rains after the sealant has been applied it will cause blotching.

To ensure no foot traffic or cars go on the sealed surface, it is best to cone and block the area off.

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