A deck or patio is an extension of your home, and a clean and organized home has been proven to reduce stress. We specialize in restoring and cleaning many types of decks and surfaces, with the using  NON-PRESSURE SYSTEMS or using a pressure washer!!

Wood Deck Steaming or Wood Deck Restoration.

Brookswood will power wash the surface using specialized steaming equipment so we do not need to use chemicals, and this process is completely pet safe! If required we will apply a wood brightener to restore the natural wood color.

If you are wanting to restore your deck, The Brookswood Powerwashing team can assist you connecting you with with a highly qualified painter free of charge.

When restoring your deck, the final step is to stain or paint your deck to lock in the clean. Wood deck steaming and/or restoration will leave your deck looking great for many years!

** Painting and staining should be done between April and September as this process requires 2-6 days of warmth to properly dry the wood and allow the paint or stain to harden and set properly.

Paving Stones or Interlocking Bricks (sealing optional)

  1. Pressure washed with a high powered rotating nozzle to remove the mildew, dirt, and organic plant growth. If there are stains or rust on the surface we can reduce or sometimes remove them.

  2. When needed, we treat the surface with a fungicide to make sure the surface is free from organic life. We then lay fresh sand down where needed, to seal the cracks affected by the pressure washing process.

  3. The final stage is to use a blower on the finished freshly pressured washed surface, followed by applying a sealant.

Check out our work

Cleaning a wood deck or patio stairs with our low pressure hot water steaming setup in langley

Cleaning a wood deck or patio stairs

Cleaning a wooden staircase

Cleaning a pool deck

Cleaning an aggrregate patio

Vinyl Deck Cleaning

Wooden deck before and after

Pressure washing a vinyl deck is much easier than the wood decks or paving stones; this process involves applying a fungicide and then proceeding with cleaning the deck. Vinyl deck cleaning will leave your deck clean and ready to walk on..

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