DIY – How To Clean Your Shingle Roof And Remove Moss & Algae

DIY – How To Clean Your Shingle Roof And Remove Moss & Algae

DIY Roof Cleaning & moss removal

Do you see black or dark streaks on your roof?

Do you see moss growing on your roof?

Do you see organic debris on your roof?

These are some tell-tale signs your roof needs a clean!

Our professional staff cleaning and asphalt shingle roof and removing the moss

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The black or dark streaks on your shingles are called Gloeocapsa Magma which is spread by airborne spores often contributed from mold, mildew, and settling of dirt.  This has little impact to your roof but it does look very unsightly.

Moss on your roof is destructive as it lifts and cracks the shingles; it also eats at the shingle slowly deteriorating it. The moss does not have to be removed but it does have to be treated to kill it. To remove the moss mechanically use a garden cultivator to scrape the moss off with the help of a push broom.

Organic debris on your roof is unsightly and not healthy on your roof as it prevents your roof from breathing and locks moisture in.  To remove the organic debris use a broom and put it in a bucket and take it off the roof!

Removing the moss and debris off your roof just makes it look better; it however does not clean it!

To clean your roof use a pump sprayer with 2/3rds house hold bleach and 1/3 water and some dish soap.  Spray your entire roof.  You can either rinse your roof off or let the rain clean your roof off for you.

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If you would like to have a professional roof cleaning and moss removal call the Brookswood Powerwashing Pros for a great and long lasting job.

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