Eavetrough Cleaning And Gutter Maintenance

Eavetrough Cleaning And Gutter Maintenance

Eavetrough and gutter maintenance

Maintenance of gutters is important. Over time down spouts will come loose, and gutters might become loose because of rotting back boards. Gutters if not cleaned regularly will get black streaking which might never come out resulting in needing new gutters or repainting. To prevent costly repairs and re-painting gutters should be checked every year.

What you will need:

Ladder – stabilizer bars are highly recommended


Bucket with water, bleach, and dish soap

Sponge or brush to scrub gutters

How to maintain your gutters

Using your ladder go to each section of your gutter and inspect your gutter by seeing if it is secure. To test to see if it is secure simply give a light tug and check the back wood boards for rot.

Once confirmed your gutters are in good order while wearing gloves scrub your gutters with your sponge or brush to make them look clean again.

How often should you clean the outside of your Gutters

You should clean the outside of your gutters every year. This prevents your gutters from getting black streaking that might not ever come out. At the same time this is a good time to inspect your gutters.

Hiring a professional to clean the outside of your gutters can be a great choice as they know the signs of failing gutters often without needing to physically touch them. The last thing you want is having your gutters falling on you or a guest!

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