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Graffiti & gum enhances crime and gives your business or vehicle a unproffesional look.


We Have great news, We are good at removing it and LOVE DOING IT

Mobile Gum Removal

Using low pressure and high heat steam we remove gum from your store and walkways making it presentable agian! It is a simple yet effective system.

What is Graffiti?

Graffiti is drawings, painting , or writing on a building, dwelling unit or structures without consent from the owner of the building.

Mobile Graffiti Removal

Yes, we do graffiti removal! Our Staff is trained in removing graffiti from surfaces safely and effectively. We are able to remove graffiti on walls or surfaces that do not have water supply! We are able to do this as we transport or own water.

Methods of Graffiti Removal

High heat/Steam cleaning – This method removes graffiti from many surfaces with low impact as it uses heat instead of pressure to remove the contaminants

Detergents- We use specialized graffiti removal agents to help loosen up and break up the graffiti bonds before power washing it off!

Types of graffiti removers- different cleaners are required on different surfaces and compounds to prevent damage and ensure the graffiti will be removed!

The process of removing graffiti can be very difficult and can require special equipment.

More information on Graffiti removal can be found in this blog article

Our Training

Our staff is trained to identify the type of graffiti and the surface it is adhered too. This allows us to safely and without impact restore the surface to its original state.

Why Graffiti should be Removed and harms our Community

It should be removed because: it creates fear and crime, costs money to fix, encourages more graffiti, can offend if derogatoryor hateful, damages the beauty of the community.

Graffiti removal( sorry for the shaky footage)

Gum removal

Blog Image

Spray Paint removal using Steam Abbotsford,BC


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