Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti removal when done right restores the surface to new without any damage. Using the wrong techniques will leave permanent marking and possibly cause more harm than good.

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Why is Graffiti hard to remove?

Graffiti is normally oil or water based paint and when dry can be very difficult to remove.  The graffiti penetrates the pores of the surface, sometimes deep into the crevices and it must be fully removed otherwise a shadow is left behind.

Graffiti Removal Techniques & how can Graffiti be made easier to remove?

Cured paint can often be removed from most surfaces with the use of our low pressure steam cleaner. More stubborn stains such as ink will require acetone, lacquer thinner, or paint thinner for removal.

Etching– Objects scored or scratched with sharp objects must be filled up with fillers otherwise the material must be replaced.  If possible apply an anti-etch coating or durable coating to minimize the etching.

Wood– Acetone or paint thinner will remove spray paint and markers. To prevent smearing when removing use fresh rags on each swipe. To make removal easier apply a stain blocking primer and when it has dried paint it with latex or oil based paint. Oil based paints are resistant to solvents. For best results apply a sealer coat and avoid flat paints as they color from markers and spray paint.

Metal– On unpainted metal surfaces apply solvents using a clean rag to wipe the graffiti off. Avoid using aggressive cleaners on polished metal as it will cloud the metal. If nothing else works use paint remover.

Glass or Plexiglass– To remove paint off glass use a razor blade. Just be careful when cleaning Plexiglass as using some lacquer thinners will cloud the plexiglass. When applying the solvent for other stains use a clean rag and wipe off!

Bricks, cement, concrete– First try using a steam cleaner, hot water pressure washer or soda blaster if you have access to one. If too difficult or not working apply extra strength paint remover and rinse off with pressure. To make future graffiti removals easier apply a sealer to close the pores.

Fibre Glass– Avoid using acetone type products as it softens plastic. Fresh paint often can be washed off using a hot water pressure washer but if it’s more stubborn apply paint remover and then rinse with a pressure washer.  Applying sealer makes future graffiti easier to remove.

Aluminum/vinyl siding– Avoid using lacquer thinner type cleaners on vinyl as it made of plastic. Apply paint thinner carefully and use a clean rag to wipe the surface.

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At Brookswood Powerwashing we are equipped with steam cleaners and hot water pressure washers as a first resort to remove graffiti, which works most of the time. Hot water pressure washers allow us to clean without chemicals or reduce the amount required!

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