Gum Removal

Gum Removal

Gum removal is extremely important when keeping a clean and presentable store front or establishment. Chewing Gum is tricky to remove and requires special equipment.

Where does the gum come from?

It mostly comes from kids and teenagers who do not dispose of the gum properly.  It does however come from adults on occasion! Check out the gum wall in Vancouver.

How do you remove gum?

Removing gum from cement, sidewalks, store fronts, and walkways is done by using steam cleaners or hot water pressure washers.  The machines generate temperatures up to 330 degrees Fahrenheit which easily removes gum off the service. This uses low pressure and high heat!

How do you get gum to be disposed of properly?

Gum must be disposed of in garbage cans so it doesn’t get stuck on the ground. The best way to encourage proper disposal is to have more accessible garbage cans in gum prone areas.  Another effective way is to have a sign stating where garbage cans are located for gum and garbage.

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