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Gutter Cleaning in Surrey-Langley

Elements like leaves & other debris clog gutters. This prevents water from flowing down the gutter system. Ultimately, the water overflows and harms your home. 

Also, the clogged material damages the hardware attached to your gutters. The wear increases over time and the gutters fall off. 

Gutter cleaning protects your home from water damage. It enhances the lifespan of the gutters and keeps them from cracks and breaks.


3 Reason Why You Should Clean Your Gutters

Water Damage: Clogged gutters cannot direct the water away from your home structure. It collects the water around the foundation & seeps into the basement. 

Ice Dams: This occurs when the ice is created on the edges of your gutters. It directs the water into the home. Also, this can rip off the gutters.

Loosened Gutters: clogged gutters are subjected to pull away from the attachments due to the excessive weight of the water.


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Hire The Best Gutter Brightening & Cleaning Company

Don’t overlook the clogged gutters. Book your gutter cleaning appointment today at Brookwood to save money and headache in the long run.

We serve the Langley, Aldergrove & Surrey area.

Our highly-qualified cleaners are well-equipped with the latest tools and supplies. They follow the best practices so that your roof, siding, and other structures won’t damage.

Yes, we can! Our cleaners use high powered vacuums that suck all the contents from your gutters. But, there are some situations when ladder use is unavoidable. Ladders and proper safety equipment boosts the cleaning process and get the best results.

This can be done using the pressure washer with a gutter tip. Although this is a very effective method, it creates a lot of wet mess of debris. It may take extra time to clean up.

We do not usually recommend this unless you are fully prepared. Professionals like us are armed with the proper equipment and safety ropes & harnesses. This allows us to access your roofs safely.

Plus, many homes have steep roofs. Such properties need at least 2 ladders. At Brookswood, we guarantee the best outcomes with our skilled crew and high-end materials.

Yes! We can help you install the gutter baskets. They prevent debris from falling into your gutters. They are fixed over the downspout to block the debris from going into the drain area. This enables water to flow with ease.

You should clean them twice a year—once in late spring and then in a late fall. However, this depends on the size, type and location of your house. Also, if more trees surround your home, you may need to clean gutters more frequently.

This depends on the size of the entire gutter system and the debris extent. On average, a full crew of cleaners may take 30-60 minutes to clean the gutters. If you decide to add this to your DIY chores, then it may take longer than you anticipate.

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Mobile Power Washing

No water available for the cleaning project? Don’t worry. Brookswood power washing is equipped with a 750-gallon water supply. We can easily handle hot water pressure washing & steaming set up for 8 hours.

We have a dedicated 4X4 truck for this. We can go to any worksite with plenty of water supply. This is what makes us different.

Featured Services

moss removal

Moss Removal

Moss growth occurs on roofs, driveways, patios, & other areas. Our moss removal services can prevent damage to your tiles, shingles with right chemicals & pressure wash. 

soft washing

Soft Washing

High-pressure washing damages your exterior surfaces. We use low pressure soft wash to clean your building/property to eliminate algae, dirt, mildew & other contaminants.

Stain Removal

Stain Removal

Have tough stains on surfaces? With high-quality chemicals & detergent, our power cleaning services remove stubborn stains caused by water, dirt, dust, mildew & more.

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