Heavy Equipment Washing Washing And Degreasing

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Heavy Equipment Washing Washing And Degreasing

Heavy equipment washing and degreasing

Cleaning heavy equipment has to be done time to time. Most commonly is it cleaned for maintenance and preventative breakdown; it must also be done for company branding and appearance. Whatever your needs are for cleaning heavy equipment, it can be a tough and long task if not done properly.

Types of grease

Fresh and soft grease – this grease is the easiest to get off and not mixed with any dirt

Grease mixed with dirt – this grease is more challenging to remove as it is combined with dirt and other contaminants

Aged and hard grease mixed with grease– this grease is very difficult to remove and requires strong degreaser to come off.

Areas to look for

Moving components joints– these areas must be greased on a regular basis so keeping these clean make them easier to grease

Hydraulic lines– keeping these clean are important so finding leaks or worn out lines is much easier.

Fuel tank caps– machines have to be fueled up, having a clean cap and the area around it prevents contaminants from going into the fuel tank, plus nicer to handle the cap!

Engine bay– this is the most important part of your machine, having a dirty motor causes your motor to run hot and prematurely wear out. More importantly inspecting the motor and detecting damage leaks is important to keep your machine running smoothly!

These are just a few key areas.

How to wash your heavy equipment professionally

This requires a hot water pressure washer

First step– Hot water pressure wash while up streaming a degreaser or truck washing soap to emulsify the fresh and soft grease and some grease mixed with dirt. Make sure to spent extra time on the Areas to look for.

Second step– Apply Strong degreaser using a chemical sprayer to the machine and let it dwell for at least minutes 15 minutes. Then hot wash the Machine to a final clean.

Third Step (Optional) – To give the machine a show room clean, apply a two-step (acid followed by alkaline soap), Then spray on a high gloss wax finish to make it look like brand new!

Whether you’re working with a back hoe, an excavator, a forklift, or a bulldozer, your projects will see better results when the tools are working (and looking) their best. These machines should be cleaned and inspected regularly to ensure they’re in good working condition, and won’t break down mid-job.

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