Hot Water Mobile Pressure Washing

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Hot Water Mobile Pressure Washing

Mobile Pressure washing is being able being able to pressure wash without having to be hooked up to water supply. This can include water recovery systems for extended work time or preventing hydro carbons from going down the storm drain. This service is essential service at some locations because water is not available or hard to access.

The advantage is hot water mobile pressure washing is that the job requires substantially less water versus cold water cleaning and giving a much better clean!

Mobile Pressure washing is ideal for sidewalk cleaning, truck & heavy equipment washing on a construction site or logging camp, parking lot curb cleaning, cleaning large immobile or heavy objects, and many other types of jobs.

Since the jobs being done have limited water. Water recovery systems are often used to filter waste water so it can be used again and again. Imagine washing your dishes with the same water and just cleaning the dirty water so it is clean water again.

This is a specialized wash system mainly used on commercial, off- grid, and industrial job sites. The perk of this equipment with water hook up is that larger water draw pressure washers can be used up to 10gpm or more! Most faucets can only handle up to 5gpm.

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