Hot Water Pressure Washing & Steam Cleaning

Hot Water Pressure Washing & Steam Cleaning

What is a high pressure soap cleaning system?

A high pressure soap cleaning system mixes the soap and detergents with hot water before they exit the wand using a process call upstreaming.

What is the difference between hot water pressure washing and steam cleaning?

Hot water pressure washing heats the water to around 120 degrees fahrenheit. Steam cleaning is when you heat the water to 200+ degrees fahrenheit turning it into pressurized steam.

Steam cleaning allows the machine operator to use 1500 psi or less. If Hot water pressure washing is used in the same application, higher PSI would be required to compensate for the lower water temperature.

Why use high pressure soap and steam cleaning?

The soap is able to bond with the grease, carbon, and oil based contaminants immediately after they are removed from the machine surface. This prevents them from being able to adhere to the machine or equipment surface again.

It is also a faster cleaning process because the soap can adhere to contaminants and remove them immediately.

Why is steam cleaning better for removing grease than hot water pressure washing?

  1. It requires less PSI meaning the grease will not be pushed around making it easier to remove
  2. Higher temperatures melt or emulsify the carbon and oil based products such as grease, tar, gasoline, and diesel. This allows the contaminants to run off the machine more easily.
  3. Soap is applied simultaneously while the steam is emulsifying the carbon and oil based contaminants. Enabling it to envelope them immediately so they cannot adhere to the equipment surface again.
  4. The soap breaks the bonds after the steam has liquefied the contaminants off the surface, and it also is now able to clean the surface more effectively because the grease is removed immediately.

Where is this type of cleaning required?

Any equipment or machinery that gets greasy! Read more on our website

Watch our professional staff use the high pressure soap system on a back hoe!

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