How To Clean A Metal Roof

How To Clean A Metal Roof

Metal Roof Cleaning

Cleaning a metal roof is much different than cleaning a tile or asphalt shilling roof. Cleaning metal you are able to use light pressure and heat and or detergent cleaning depending on pitch and accessibility.

Types of metal roofs

Flat with slight slope– You are able to walk on these roofs with extreme caution as they are slippery.

Moderate to high pitch– These roofs must be sprayed with a chemical off a ladder as they are extremely unsafe trying to walk them.

Safety Equipment

Harness and fall safe– When it comes to any roof, safety comes first. Always harness up especially on a metal roof because even if they are cleaned, they are extremely slippery.

Ladder with padded stabilizers-metal roofs have a special coating that protects them. In order to prevent scratching make sure the stabilizer arms have a soft surface touching.

(Hot water) pressure washer with a 40 degree tip – This is used on a flat roof as it is extremely effective and quick to remove the algae and mildew! Metal roofs only need low pressure to disturb and clean them. Hot water is highly recommended as it much more effective at cleaning.

 12volt or gas powered detergent sprayer– this will allow you to coat the roof with cleaning detergent off a ladder.

Cleaning your metal roof

Use your ladders as necessary

First determine if you are able to walk on your metal roof, if you are able to attach a harness.

Second either spray your metal roof cleaner on your roof or use your pressure washer with a 40 degree tip( hot water recommended)  to remove the contaminants.  Work is sections to get done faster.

Lastly, rinse roof if required and admire your clean metal roof!

More information on Roof cleaning and moss removal can be found on our website.

Want to see fall safe being used to clean a metal roof? Watch the video!

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