How To Restore Wood

How To Restore Wood

How to restore wood

Wood restoration is necessary for projects like wooden decks, patios, fences, sheds, roofs and heritage buildings. It is difficult to restore wood and get long lasting results without professional equipment.

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Methods of wood restoration

Cold water pressure washing

Pros- Economical for a home owner to do themselves

Cons – Spores from algae and mold may remain active and will grow back creating a green deck sooner than later. Damage to the wood may be caused by using the wrong pressure washing tip.

Summary: This method is a short term cleaning solution for removing surface dirt.

Hot water pressure washing

Pros- Lower pressure and high heat is used for a better clean. Water at 200 degrees fahrenheit eliminates algae and mildew for longer lasting results. Saving you money because you need to clean your wood surfaces less frequently.

Cons- Expensive equipment that is best used by a professional for best results. Takes 2-3 days for the green algae to turn brown and die.

Bleaching the wood

Pros- Applying bleach is extremely quick to brighten the wood. It gives a clean look and eliminates mold and algae. The process is quick and maintains integrity of the wood.

Cons- Bleaching the wood can kill vegetation and grass. The finished look does not look natural.

This method works great but must be done every year or two to maintain a great looking deck

Oxalic acid followed by a wood brightener

Pros- This process is very fast and gives a natural finish to the wood. Kills algae and there is no damage to the wood.

Cons- Two detergents are required. You will need to make sure you water down your nearby vegetation and wear gloves.

This process is highly recommended when restoring wood because of how quick it is and the results. Just make sure you keep your plants watered throughout the process.

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