How To Clean Your Tile Roof

How To Clean Your Tile Roof

Your roof protects you against heat, sun, rain, and snow. Taking care of your roof is a must so it can keep taking care of you. Clay tile roofs last up to 100 years while metal, tile, synthetic roofs are designed to last 50 years. Normal use and exposure can shorten the life expectancy of these roofs.

A programmed or regular roof cleaning is one method to a ensure well maintained roof, which also gives other benefits.

  • Extend roof Life- after the tiles are cleaned, you are able to re-seal, prime, and or paint the roof. This protects your roof against dirt and moss from re-establishing on your roof
  • Finding early damage- Minor damage if not treated can lead to serious problems such as leaks, drafts, mildew and algae growth.  These are expensive repairs, and early roof cleaning can reveal the damage before more damage is done.
  • Aesthetic Value- Moss, algae, and mildew stains builds up over time making your house look aged.  Regular cleaning will keep your roof visually presentable and new.

Tile roof cleaning tools

A pressure washer may be required to clean your tile roof depending on condition such as lots of debris, mud, bird scat, and other conditions; however it is not recommended as it can erode the roof and protective layer.

  • Chemical Roof sprayer– The chemical sprayer should be on the ground and using a chemical pump to spray the roof cleaning chemical. Never transport chemical physically up a roof, it is unsafe because of heavy weight, but also can cause chemical burns!
  • Cleaning Chemical– Either use a sodium hypochlorite or sodium peroxide based cleaner. We use our own patented blend that we worked on for years….
  • Pressure Washer-If required should be set to 1200-1500 psi to wash visual debris and twigs off the roof.
  • Respirator and be fully clothed – A respirator as chemicals will be sprayed and should not be inhaled. You will be working in the sun for a long time and to prevent chemical from reaching your skin.
  • Ladder with ladder legs– A ladder with ladder legs are much more stable on when going up and down. It is advisable to tie to the gutters for extra protection.
  • Fall safe protection and eye protection- Always be harnessed up when working on a roof, a fall can be devastating and crippling. Eye protection is a must so debris and chemical does not get into your eye.

Safety Guide lines for cleaning a tile roof

Cleaning a tile roof is a job left to be done by a professional as it is dangerous.

  1. Walking on the roof-Walking on a tile roof can cause damage so it best to be spray the roof from a ladder.
  2. Where to walk on a tile roof- Always step on a dry spot , stand on the on flattest spot for better weight distribution, step on the lower portion of tile as it is better supported from underneath
  3. Shoes with traction- Tile roofs when wet, mossy or soapy tiles are very slippery
  4. Protect your plants-Some chemicals are harsh on plants so it is advised to water your plants covering them up! Often times we are complimented how healthy client’s plants are because we water them so much!
  5. Wear fall safe protection- The most important step, always be harnessed up. Fall safe as much as a pain will protect you.

Steps to Cleaning a Tile roof

  • Initial roof power washing- (if needed) rinse off visible debris, bugs, bird scat, and twigs. Work from the ridge down to the gutter.
  • Chemical cleaning-use your Chemical sprayer or roof pump to spray your cleaning chemical on the roof. This will chemically clean and prevent algae, moss, environmental dirt from coming back.
  • Rinse off- a slight rinse is important is important because when the next rain fall comes you don’t want all the cleaning chemical going down the down spout and killing plants and grass.  There will still be residual cleaning chemical which will still be active and cleaning! Fully rinse if you are going to repaint the roof.
  • Clean the gutters-Remove the dirt and debris from the gutters and check the roof for any damage.
  • Repaint & Reseal- With a clean and damage free roof, you may paint or seal your roof again.( It will not need it if well maintained) 

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