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Logging & Heavy equipment

Heavy equipment just like your car needs maintenance and must be cleaned and inspected.

We have great news we love cleaning dirty and grimy equipment and are good extremely good at it.

Heavy equipment gets soiled with new soft grease, old baked on grease, all mixed with dirt. This can be very challenging to clean as conventional cold and hot water pressure washers just push the grease around.

We offer mobile commercial and heavy equipment pressure washing! 

What is heavy equipment used for?

Heavy equipment is used for moving dirt, ripping up concrete and asphalt, lifting and carrying heavy objects, and smashing rocks and buildings. It is truly amazing what heavy equipment can do.

How we clean heavy equipment

1) We use high pressure soap with heat to clean your grimy machine to make it look like new! High pressure soap emulsifies the grease as we clean the surface of dirt and soft grease, so we are not pushing it around!

2) To finish the job we apply a degreaser to get rid of the last bit of caked on grease.

3) Last but most important step…. We will apply a two-step to make your heavy equipment shiny!

Read the detailed blog article on our superior high pressure soap cleaning sysem!

Safety Equipment

Our Staff is equipped with harnesses, High visibility vests, hearing protection, so we can safely clean any machine at heights and being highly visible on your work site.

Commonly asked questions

Q: Can I use cold water to clean my heavy equipment

A: Yes you can, it does not work very well and you must use a good degreaser!

Q: Why use a steam cleaner or hot water pressure washer?

A: Hot water loosens up and cuts through grease like a hot knife through butter!

Q: Do you have to use degreaser?

A: Yes you do, a good degreaser emulsifies the grease so it just falls off without effort.

Our Experience

We have been cleaning heavy equipment for many years and are trained on the proper techniques to wash the machines safely. We have cleaned backhoes, skid steers, excavators, bobcats, and much more…

Heavy equipment degreasing? Why and how? Read more in our article

Videos of our work

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