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Mobile commercial, industrial, and heavy equipment pressure washing

Brookswood Powerwashing is equipped with a hot water pressure washing and steaming setup that can operate for 8 hours with our 750 gallon water supply. We clean a wide range of machines from articulating trucks to front end loaders and leave them with a shiny finish after we leave!

Learn more about our mobile heavy equipment pressure washing service in the YouTube Video below:

 We clean logging machinery

Green Logging machinery_1.JPG

Mining machinery (mobile rock crusher)

mining construction machinery mobile power washing grease removal brookswood powerwashing

Can you travel to logging camps, mining operations, and areas that are not easily accessible?

We have a fleet of dedicated 4×4 trucks specifically for that reason. We can get to almost any work site with our own water, that is what seperates us from other pressure washing companys.

Do you clean mining equipment and construction machinery that we cannot move off site?

Yes! We have 750 gallons of water and have cleaned many clients machines that were in large gravel pits or logging operation locations with no water hook up avaliable nearby. Read more about servicing mining and earth moving equipment here.

Do you use a high gloss finish to make the machine shine after?

Yes! We always apply a high gloss finish. Removing the grease and dirt cleans the machine but the shiny finish really makes it look amazing.

What is the difference between our hot water and steam cleaning service?

Hot water is 120 degrees farenheit and uses higher PSI while steaming is lower PSI with higher heat. More information in our blog article here.

Why do you use hot water and upstream soap&detergent instead of cold water and degreaser?

Up streaming soap with a hot water pressure washer, also know as “high pressure soap” is fast and removes most grease, oil, diesel and other contaminants quickly. On really dirty machines we may need to apply a degreaser afterwards or use steam.

If a machine is cleaned on a regular basis though, high pressure soap will do the job and save time and money in most cases. More information can be found in our blog article here

Why do I need my heavy equipment and machinery cleaned on a regular basis?

Regular cleaning and degreasing saves you money and prevents costly break downs! Read more in our blog article here

What kind of equipment do you clean?

Skid steers, bulldozers, front end loaders, excavators, mini excavators, articulating trucks, back hoes, rock crushers, compactors, shredders, grinders, and any other piece of heavy equipment or machinery you have!

What is your service area?

Greater Vancouver, Langley, Surrey, South Surrey, White Rock, Aldergrove, Cloverdale, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, Agassiz, lower mainland, Fraser Valley.


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