Moss Removal

Embaressed to invite guests over from moss and algae?
That is one concern, It also greatly damages and reduces longevity of the dirty surface creating a costly repair.

Look no further! We can remove it safely and with minimal to no impact.

How do I prevent moss and algae from growing on my roof or patio?

Moss is easy to maintain if you have a professional clean your roof and patio every 5 years. The formation of moss can be detected before it is visible by looking for black “stains” on your roof or deck. Black stains are caused by black algae (Gloeocapsa Magma) or green algae (Synechococcoideae) which will still appear black on shingle roofs in many cases.

Algae causes’ damage but only if left untreated for many years. It will grow in shady areas and retains water which allows moss to grow more easily. If you see dark spots that look like stains moss will probably be soon to follow because it thrives where algae does!

Will moss cause damage to my patio, deck, and roof?

Moss growth can cause several serious problems:

1)      Water soaked moss adds weight to your roof creating extra strain on the roof

2)      Moss eats away at roof shingles increasing your heating bill

3)      If it works its way under the shingles or tiles on your roof it will eventually cause dry rot and structural damage to your roof’s supporting structure

4)      Dry rot and moisture will result in mold growing inside your health causing health issues

5)      Alage makes your deck or patio very slippery and dangerous if it is not treated early. The only way to eliminate the black algae stains is to use hot water and our specially formulated detergents.

6) cold water and high pressure cannot remove algae that has statrted growing in your concrete patio stones and bricks without causing damage. Low pressure, hot water, and detergents is the only safe and effective way to clean a blackened algae patio.

6) Moss left to grow on your wood deck will eventually start splitting the wood apart.

7) Concrete patio stones and paving bricks are resilient to moss, algae, and lichen but if it is left long enough it can compromise their structrual integrity.

Where does the moss, algae, and lichen come from?

Moss and algae spores are deposited on the roof from the environment. The only way to keep moss from becoming a visible infestation is to have it treated and eliminated every 5 years (more frequently if you have lots of trees near your house). We use our own cleaning detergent that has been developed over the years, to eliminate moss, algae, and lichen plus the spores!

Lichen attaches itself to moss and/or algae and feeds off it. If there is lichen on your roof it is definitely time to clean your roof. Moss is very soon to follow…

For more information on moss removal from your roof read our more detailed blog article

How do you clean my shingle roof? What if I have a tile or metal roof?

Detergent is dispensed with an electric pump system so the detergents are never carried onto the roof. It is pumped from a trailer so we can work safely and quicker. If you have a tile or metal roof we will use a man lift or clean from a ladder to prevent damage caused by foot traffic on those styles of roofs.

Using our detergent we weaken the mosses root system so it can be saftley removed from the surface, and it will prevent it from growing back as the surface is santized. **The regrowth period varies depending on the amount of trees and vegetation you have in the area.

Save time by having us do it, and money at the same time!

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