Professional House Washing

Professional House Washing

Why have your house professionally cleaned?

Every time you come home from work you see your house, sometimes more often than your kids.

A clean house inside and out increases happiness and reduces stress levels.

A clean house also protects one of your greatest investments from costly repairs and greatly enhances curb appeal.

Real estate agents can get up to 20% more for the same house when it is cleaned and presentable.

The cost of house wash is typically 10% of top quality paint job.

A house on average needs to be cleaned every two years.

What does a professional house wash include?

What needs to be cleaned off a house? Typically Algae, mildew, environmental dirt, and some water soluble stains. On rare occasions bird excrement or animal nests must be washed away to prevent the animals from coming back.

What can a house wash include? Siding, soffits, outside gutter, patio, deck, and fascia.

When a house wash is performed by a professional, it is done safely on the ground and most of the time without needing a ladder. The job typically takes less than day to complete.

At Brookswood Powerwashing our staff is well trained to tackle any house cleaning job with only the best results and the longest last results!

If you’re in need of pressure washing or professional cleaning in the Greater Vancouver area (Langley, Surrey, White Rock, Aldergrove, Cloverdale, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Mission), get in touch. We’re here to help you perform at your best.