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Roof Cleaning In Surrey-Langley

Elements like silt, grit, & sand damages asphalt shingles. This makes them weak. Also, it scratches and itches the shingles & affects the overall look.

A dirty roof is not just an eyesore, but can also be a costly disaster in the making. It hosts many dangerous organisms like lichens, moss and algae.

The organisms that damage roofs can be removed by a professional pressure washing.


Neutralize Algae & Moss With Soft Washing

Moisture on the roof reduces its life. If your home has an asphalt or wooden roof, such debris speeds up the wear.

In this situation, no-pressure soft washing is a great way to tackle. It eliminates the damaging waste without harming your roof, and

  • Prevents expensive repairs
  • Eliminates black streaks
  • Increase property value
  • Increases curb appeal
  • Spots weak areas


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Hire The Best Roof Cleaning Company

Brookswood uses a soft wash technique for roof cleaning. This method relies on a low-pressure water stream and special cleansers. 

We remove stains from all parts of your roof — shingles, tiles, metal pipes, chimney and sky lights. Our eco-friendly wash protects your shrubs, trees & plants.

Skylights Washing

Exterior elements like snow, rain, bird droppings can harm and disfigure your skylights. If less light is passing through your skylight, it’s time to get them cleaned.

With superior tools & ladders, we ensure to deliver the perfect skylight wash. And, retain their health & beauty.

When your roof is infested with bacteria, it turns black. Those black streaks are nothing but the bacteria which feeds on your roof. As it grows, it holds more moisture on the roof and streaks it down. 

This offers algae, moss, mildew and other damaging debris a great environment to grow. If ignored, it leads to severe harm to the roof. And, eventually drops down the curb appeal of your landscaping.

Be aware of whom you ask this question. Shingles suppliers or roofers will advise you for replacement while cleaners will recommend cleaning. If we do the math, roof replacement can cost you around $12000 and cleaning can be done in just $1000.

Absolutely NO. The black streaks prevent sun rays from reaching the roof. This increases your cooling costs. Also, while algae feed on the limestone of your shingles, it slowly breaks them down. If you overlook roof cleaning, you are indirectly reducing the roof life by 50%.

No, we only use a soft washing method for cleaning. It uses the low-pressure water stream to clean the alga gently. The pressure is the same as the garden hose. 

Our process’s first step is to apply cleaner and allow it to dwell. Then, we rinse it clean. Lastly, we feed & fertilize the plants and landscaping.

Yes, we serve residents from Langley, Aldergrove, and Surrey areas with various cleaning services. We clean sidewalks, slidings, pool decks, patios, and all other exterior surfaces. We believe in soft washing as it brightens your home, unlike the destructive effects of high-pressure washing.

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Mobile Power Washing

No water available for the cleaning project? Don’t worry. Brookswood power washing is equipped with a 750-gallon water supply. We can easily handle hot water pressure washing & steaming set up for 8 hours.

We have a dedicated 4X4 truck for this. We can go to any worksite with plenty of water supply. This is what makes us different.

Featured Services

moss removal

Moss Removal

Moss growth occurs on roofs, driveways, patios, & other areas. Our moss removal services can prevent damage to your tiles, shingles with right chemicals & pressure wash.

soft washing

Soft Washing

High-pressure washing damages your exterior surfaces. We use low pressure soft wash to clean your building/property to eliminate algae, dirt, mildew & other contaminants.

Stain Removal

Stain Removal

Have tough stains on surfaces? With high-quality chemicals & detergent, our power cleaning services remove stubborn stains caused by water, dirt, dust, mildew & more.

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