Roof Cleaning

Langley roof cleaning

Just as you maintain your car with oil changes and new tires… your roof needs maintenance too! It protects you from rain, hot sun, snow and the outside enviroment!
 You have come to the right place for roof cleaning in langley!

Why clean a roof vs buying a new roof?

A roof cleaning should should cost about 5-10% of a new roof and it extends the life span of your roof many years when done properly.

Did you know? many people buy a new roof when all they need is a roof cleaning and they would have saved thousands of dollars if not more?

The process for cleaning an asphalt roof

The first step is too remove any heavy debris or mechanically remove debris if required
next step is too spray the roof with a moss killer to kill the moss
the next step is too rinse the roof and apply another coat of roof cleaner if necesary.
(roofs in really bad condition may be better off leaving the moss to fall off on its own as to prevent damage to the roof)
Types of roof and cleaning procedure

There are many types of roofs for example: metal,ashphalt, duroid, tile, cedar shake and each roof has seperate special ways to clean them.

Roof and height Safety

When working at heights its important to stay safe, our safety program involves harnesses and fall safe, ladders with ladder legs and other measures to ensure we go home safe and no accident will occur.

 Risks of a dirty roof

A dirty roof is not just bad looking… its also very bad for your roof. as moss grows it deteriorates the shingles and the moss can lift shingles crack them.

Damaged shingles

These shingles were cleaned with high pressure as the edges of the shingles are heavily worn with almost no granules left. This is an improper way to clean ashphalt roof and also it doesnt prevent moss from  coming back!

Metal Roof cleaning

Cleaning a metal roof can be challenging depending how old the growth is.. it can a simple brush and rinse all the way to requiring hot water and pressure…